Laurence Foucher – Founder
Thirty-something, mostly Parisienne, I refused to furnish my former apartment in the 11th arrondissement, waiting for the opportunity to move to the US. It never happened until I decided to take a leap of faith: I quit my job as a digital marketer in a big group a year ago with an idea and my suitcase. I am now living in New York where I created Pathport in an attempt to redefine travel content.

Pierre Delebois – Creative Director & Founder of Sharks Lions Eagles and Guts
I fell in love with Laurence and with her project. As a creative director I’ve spent most of my life writing¬†stories, looking to create emotions. There are so many ways to connect with people, there’s no right or wrong, my role is to help them build their own point of view.

Bettymost unefficient assistant