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Top 6 summer destinations for 2019


Summer is just around the corner and we thought we’d help you plan the perfect holiday. Warm days, long nights, outdoor seating, ice cream on the beach and the sound of music floating out an open car window…we can already feel the summer vibe. But with so many beaches, booming cities and mountain towns the choice can be daunting. Here is our top 6 destinations to put on your radar for this summer.


With sunny days mostly all year long, Malaga is always a good idea, but the city and its surroundings are at their best during the summer months. Flowers everywhere and warm nights that are just perfect for tapas and wine on a terrace and leisurely strolls along the beach… a real Mediterranean oasis. Not to mention the opportunity to explore all the cute whitewashed villages beyond Malaga.


With warm weather year-round, you can visit Tel Aviv anytime but the city becomes more vibrant during the summer. From its shoreline, to its art scene, its busy green boulevards, incredible food and architectural gems... Tel Aviv has it all. It’s also the perfect place to explore the others treasures of Israel like Jerusalem or the Dead Sea.


Italy will please everyone. Looking fo a city escape? Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice will be just perfect. Mountain lovers will head to the Dolomites or around Lake Como for a quieter experience in the nature. And if you’re looking to lay on the beach and sunbathe, the Calabria region offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.


There’s a long list of reasons to go to the Basque Country: the food, the beaches, the waves (a surfer’s paradise), the mountain hikes and the stunning views they offer, the colourful villages, the proximity to Spain, the authenticity... A million of things to discover and summer is definitely the best moment to enjoy them all.


For some travelers, summer vacation means trading sand and sea for mountains and freshwater lakes. That is probably the best way to get away from the crowds and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery. If you feel this way, Austria is a great option. You’ll find a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling but also cultural attractions and tasty food.


Formentera is the perfect place to spend a few days out of this world. It’s beautiful during the summer holidays, but be aware that there will be a lot of tourists. In Formentera, nature is the main protagonist : from amazing clear water beaches to unbelievable golden landscapes in the inland, you’ll be amazed all along your journey. Flowers and plants are the superstars of this island.