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Top 5 cities for design lovers


Whether it’s through urban planning or adapting to the cultural movements, the visual design of a city is a reflection of both its roots and its future. Our top design travel destinations is great for anyone looking to stimulate their creativity and combine their love of travel and design at the same time.


For an architect lover, Copenhagen is a constant source of inspiration. This small city is one of the cradles of Scandinavian design and architecture. Everything here is perfectly made for the design-conscious tourists from public spaces to cafes, modern architecture and historical buildings.


Chicago may be known as “The Second City”, but its architecture is anything but second class. From the first modern skyscraper to Daniel Burnham and the World’s Columbian Exposition; from the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright to the modern marvels created by Mies van der Rohe, Chicago has always been at the forefront of innovative architecture.


It’s no secret that travelers with an eye for design flock to Morocco. Artists, interior decorators, shop curators and fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent have traveled to the North African country for decades in hopes of finding inspiration and filling empty suitcases with hand crafted goods.


Hong Kong’s aesthetic enamored with the city’s modern lines and sky high angles as much as its vintage signage and classic storefronts. The urban environment is not only rich with gourmet cafes, Michelin star restaurants, and glossy retail stores. Design and lifestyle juxtapositions are everywhere in this vibrant and inspiring metropolis. 


Design lovers run to Milan every year for the famous Design Week. Whether it’s your fist time in the city or not, Milan is always a place to fall in love with all things artful and historical. But beyond its sophisticated facades and chic storefronts, Milan is an industrial city at its core with deep cultural roots.