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Top 10 places to go in 2019


We’re always on the hunt for the next hot destination. Some trends emerge slowly and have the potential to stick around for a long time. Of course, these are just a few highlights, but we put together a list of the 10 most exciting destinations for 2019. We are sure this list will inspire you to travel more in the year ahead.


Beside Tokyo and Kyoto there are so many places that are hidden and waiting to be found. From its quiet mountains, beautiful landscapes, snowy villages, and hot springs... Japan is a rich, diverse, mysterious country full of paradox and facets. The beauty that awaits is unusual, and in order to reveal it you only need to do one thing: to be willing to go down the road less traveled. And with the amazing Japanese transportation system you can travel across and around the country in no tim’


Tassie does local well. The Australian states values home-grown produce over anything imported, and the result is better quality food, more sustainable practices, and a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. Take in the wild island’s bays, clifftops and villages, while sampling some of its freshest food along the way.


There’s more to Portugal than the main cities like Lisbon and Porto. From north to south, this country counts many hidden treasures: picturesque small villages that have preserved their ancient characteristics with an unspoiled beauty, beautiful beaches, and isolated design hotels… Not to forget the amazing food and the warm welcome of local people.


It feels like Mexico City is going through a major moment, where all the things that used to make it such a vibrant, cosmopolitan city are just that much better now. From its irresistible charm, rich history, burgeoning arts scene and world’s famous restaurants – Mexico City has something for every traveler.


Morocco is a land of extraordinary contrasts, so close, yet so far... There are few countries more colourful than Morocco. Its rich mix of Arabic, Berber and European cultural influences are reflected in the blue cities, maze-like souks and the remote mountain villages. Get lost in the desert dunes, enjoy a mint tea in the vibrant Medina, have lunch in one of the many beautiful restaurants, and end your day relaxing by the pool in a beautiful riad.


This region is still wild and ‘archaic’ in many aspects, and is the ideal destination for a deeply authentic adventure away from the beaten path. Still quite unknown to many, Calabria unfolds a story that dates back to hundred thousand years BC. Once one of the most important Greek colonies in the Mediterranean, (before being colonised), it’s filled with archaeological records from this glorious past and has kept amazing food traditions.


This city has evolved so much in recent years that it has become a favorite destination for French people but not only. Famous for its wines but also for the beauty of its buildings, its narrow streets and quality restaurants. Today, when you travel to Bordeaux you’ll find a revitalized village, charming, 18th-century buildings, a pedestrian-friendly city center, and a thriving waterfront area with chic boutiques and cafés. There’s also world-class art, as well as theater and dining. 


There’s so much focus on Washington, D.C. as the nation’s capital that you just can’t escape it. However, the spotlight being so much on politics and the government, people who don’t live in the city tend to forget that there is a lot more to Washington than the White House, the Capitol and the monuments. There is a different perspective of D.C. — the colorful and quaint streets, the charming and European façades, the eclectic side with character that tends to go unnoticed.


No doubt most people associate Malaga with its beaches, but the city has so much more to offer if you know where to look. Be ready to wander along narrow streets, visit world famous art museums, discover Malaga’s rich history, enjoy the local side of life. Rent a car and discover the surrounding whitewashed Moorish villages tucked away on the green hills surrounding the coast and of course some of the Mediterranean sea’s most beautiful beaches.


A little paradise for hikers and travelers in search of natural beauty. The Italian Dolomites offer some of the best mountain thrills in Europe – the bold, light-gray cliffs offer a powerful, unique, and memorable mountain experience with beautiful lakes and breathtaking views. Add to this an excellent cuisine, a colorful mix of down-to-earth fare and Italian specialties, and of course the warm welcome of its inhabitants.