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The world's most underrated destinations


While popular travel spots are probably on the top of your travel bucket list, there are plenty of off the radar destinations that deserve your attention. If you’re interested in doing something different and enjoy a real off the beaten track adventure, Pathport put together the top 5 unexpected spots where you won’t have to worry about getting surrounded by tourists.


Lanzarote is like another planet. You’ll be surprised by its dreamy landscapes. Volcanoes, black sand beaches, a lot of cactuses and beautiful villages... A road trip through Lanzarote is perfect to explore places surrounded by nature, far from the tourist masses.


Tasmania is still an untouched beauty, it’s a place of landscapes, great wine, and slow life culture. The Australian states value home-grown produce over anything imported, and the result is better quality food, more sustainable practices, and a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. Take in the wild island’s bays, clifftops and villages, while sampling some of its freshest food along the way.


Madeira Island is a pearl in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — a place of lush greenery and rugged mountains where you can hike in the morning, surf in the afternoon, and finish your day in a fine restaurant where the breathtaking view is complemented by unforgettable traditional cuisine. It offers not only an all year round summer climate but it’s a peaceful destination as well.


Beside Tokyo and Kyoto there are so many places that are hidden and waiting to be found. From its quiet mountains, beautiful landscapes, snowy villages, and hot springs... Japan is a rich, diverse, mysterious country full of paradox and facets. The beauty that awaits is unusual, and in order to reveal it you only need to do one thing: to be willing to go down the road less traveled.


Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is a gentle, subtle blend of modern city with a rural heart caught between bathing resort, commercial capital, lake and mountains. With its spectacular natural setting, its variety of festivals and events, everyone can have an enjoyable time. And the mountains are never too far away. From the Sauvabelin hill to the lakeside in Ouchy, you’ll always get to see the majestic Alps standing in front of you on the other side of the lake.