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The world's most beautiful beaches


Crystal clear blue waves, a cool breeze and the feeling of the soft sand in your toes… there aren’t enough words to describe the beauty of beaches. Not all of them are equal and what makes a great beach depends on the kind of traveler you are. Some like wide, open beaches with a ton of things to do and people to watch, while others prefer deserted shorelines with calm waters. If you’re looking for a slice of paradise, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best beaches around the globe.


Located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is a beach bum’s paradise with white sand, turquoise waters and looming palm trees. With many stunning hotels along its shoreline, it’s the best place to lounge under a parasol with a cocktail.


Australia’s most famous beaches are located in New South Wales for a good reason: beautiful beach landscape, white sand, surfers and stylish people altogether. Bondi beach of course if we have to mention just one. Tamarama Beach is a great alternative if you prefer something a little more peaceful, and Shelly Beach for a more intimate experience with some of the best local restaurants around.


Beaches and surfing — not to mention a wonderfully mild climate — are at the heart of Biarritz. For those who want a less adventurous time than surfing, the beaches offer a great place to relax, take a dip or a walk around the many cliffs surrounding the region.


To see the waves of the Indian Ocean, go to Muizenberg Beach on the East Coast of the Cape Peninsula. This quiet beach is frequented by many surfers and locals who come to enjoy a sunny day. It’s the best place to swim, surf or have a long walk on the white sand and admire the lovely colorful beach cabins.


There’s no doubt about it, Portugal is a fantastic destination for beach-seekers, with many beautiful spots along its shore. We fell in love with the Alentejo coastline and its wild unspoiled beaches surrounded by beautiful landscape and nature as well as incredible cliffs and rock formations.