Lost in New South Wales

by Camila Gutiérrez

Australia was always my dream, a place on the other side of the world where everything seemed to be perfect!

I’m that Colombian girl who always wished to live close to the sea, surrounded by beautiful people, in a peaceful paradise.

Well, I didn’t end up living there for many reasons - I’m a happy citizen of Brooklyn, New York - but I spent one month there and it was unforgettable.

Especially having my sister, who has been living there for 6 years, as my guide. It was the last days of summer but the weather was still perfect to enjoy every single minute of this wonderful journey.

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Lost in New South Wales

by Camila Gutiérrez

This guide takes you to discover some of my favorite spots in Sydney and the surrounding east cost of Australia (New South Wales). My selection includes lively neighbourhoods, restaurants and bars, but also dream beaches, ideas for romantic weekend escapes, and a few wild animals on the way.

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