A walk around Gràcia district, Barcelona

by Lorena Fernández

In 1850 Gràcia used to be an independent town from Barcelona. It eventually became a part of the growing city, but its past is still very present. This neighborhood differs from others in Barcelona —like Eixample— because it still has this little town vibe that makes it really special. Here you’ll forget that you are, in fact, in a city.

Gràcia is a great mix of people: the locals —old couples buying fresh food at the market or young families playing with their kids in the squares— and also visitors who want to escape from the most touristy places and get to see a more authentic side of Barcelona.

In this path I’ll show you my favorite spots in the district, where to eat lunch and drink some good coffee, where to buy special objects or fresh and beautiful flowers. I hope you like Gràcia as much as I do!

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A walk around Gràcia district, Barcelona

by Lorena Fernández

Gràcia is one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Barcelona. Fresh food markets coexist with hip cafés and restaurants in this charming district that has so much to offer. Let's discover its hidden gems!

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