Pathport at Hotel Providence Paris

I’m proud to announce that Pathport is partnering for the first time with Hotel Providence to offer their guests a complimentary Paris guide throughout the summer. Because there’s so much more to the city of lights than the Louvres and the Eiffel Tower…

In their “paths” (i.e: a guide in Pathport slang) Benedicte, Ying and Melissa share their very own versions of Paris. Benedicte gives you the keys to “a more unpretentious Paris” far from the tourists clichés, you’ll discover the most charming passages, secret museums and quaint shops.

Paris to me is not really about fashion week, impressive monuments and macarons from Ladurée. Not that I mind these things – it’s difficult to have hostile feelings towards macarons – but it seems there’s so much more to Paris: hidden courtyards & alleys, forgotten museums, beautiful doors & facades, old villages, secret gardens, small shops, local life & simply people – and an endless amount of stories to be told about each place. That’s the Paris I know, the Paris I’ve been living in for more than 15 years, the Paris I’m taking you to.

Ying, our favorite pâtissière (pastry chef) takes you pastry shop hopping in the heart of Paris – the 6th and 7th arrondissements. If you’re a sweet tooth and not afraid of calories this guide is for you.

Take your time peeping into the beautiful windows of those shops (“faire du lèche-vitrine” in French) when you walk around in this neighbourhood and pick up one or several of your favourites to try. Those jewel-like pastries are affordable luxuries that everybody could enjoy easily. You’ll be amazed by the French craftsmanship and aesthetics and this experience is something that you’d never find elsewhere in the world.

Melissa is our American lab nerd. She lives in New York City where she’s a PHD candidate in neuroscience. She shares her second time in Paris, when already seen the Eiffel Tower and the Louvres…

I spent most of my first trip to Paris crossing The Big Ones off of my list–waiting in lines and being surrounded by tourists. On my second trip, with the pressure of the major sights gone, I began to feel as if I could really see the city.

At Pathport we believe that rather than being a directory of places, the next travel guide is a story. Each one of our guides is different and enables you to experience a destination through the eyes of someone you’re inspired by. Because it’s a lot more fun, isn’t it? So whose steps will you follow into Paris, Benedicte’s, Ying’s or Melissa’s? Let the journey begin.

Laurence, Founder of Pathport.