Óscar Araújo, a dentist, photographer and adventurer from Lisbon

Believe it or not, this gorgeous man traveling the world is actually a dentist. Behind Instagram’s glamorous facade lies many, many different lives. I personally think that’s the most exciting part of this platform: connecting people from around the world who would have never met in real life. Here is your chance to know a little more about our dear pathfinder Oscar, author of  “The Best of Madeira Island” and “Lisbon Essentials”.


What’s your story?

My name is Óscar Araújo. I was born 35 years ago in the beautiful Madeira Island, Portugal. At the age of 18, I moved to Lisbon to study dentistry and I ended up both living and working here.
Today I’m a dentist but I’m always dreaming of my next adventure, of something new! I’m working on making my dreams come true…

What’s a typical day for you?

I wish I could say my typical day was to wake up everyday in a different place, but as a dentist I’m obliged to fall into a job routine. I wake up early everyday, work all day and come back home in the evening, (not that interesting!). When I’m not working I always try to plan something new, to discover new things and explore new places! I try to make the best of my free time.

What’s your idea of a perfect trip?

For me, the perfect trip starts with good company (if not I’d rather be alone). The food is also a central part of my traveling experiences and I always like to try the local flavors of the place I am visiting. Overall I love to be inspired by the beauty of the places I go, it’s important for me to be somewhere that makes me happy and inspires me –  typically away from the touristic crowd.

Who inspires you?

People inspire me, their stories… I love to visit places I’ve read about where true stories happened. I love to sit at a terrace and watch people passing by while imagining their stories. Simple things inspire me!

What’s your secret spot?

My secret spot would have to be Madeira Island, the place I was born. I always go back there and find myself in places that are so special for me. It’s very important for me to go back to my roots and I find the island even more enjoyable now that I don’t live there anymore.

If there was only one destination you could go to, where would you go?

Oh that’s a difficult question for a travel lover like me! I guess I could not choose only one, because the beauty of traveling lies in the variety of places you get to go… But if I really had to choose I’d probably say Israel or the Greek Islands (you see? I can’t choose just one!). I have spent the most amazing holidays in these places!

What’s your next destination?

My next destination will be Nice and Cote d’Azur. I’ve already been there but it’s the kind of places where I always like to go back to.