To see the world,
to hold your breath in front of a beautiful scenery,
to take your time, enjoy simple meals,
and meet the people who make you feel at home…
That is the purpose of travel.

Nowadays people share their stories on social media.
There, they create and find more meaningful content than in outdated travel guidebooks,
which is why Instagram has become a favorite source for travel inspiration and planning…
But finding relevant hotspots here is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
It’s the paradox of our generation to have so much content available,
but little time to sort through the stream.

At Pathport, our mission is to give instant access to the paths of the most inspiring travelers and lifestyle experts from around the world.

We are designers, moms, hikers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs…
Each one of us has our own personality,
and as a consequence our own take on destinations.
This is how we create unique lists of spots.

We don’t just tell you where to eat, sleep and play.
We take you to this outrageously photogenic road, that secluded beach, this hidden courtyard…
We lead you off the beaten track and suggest where to marvel, breathe and discover.

We are from Instagram,
We are Pathfinders,
We are Pathport.

We redefine travel content to craft guides that are visual, up-to-date and personal.
Say goodbye to the traditional, expensive, outdated guidebooks…
We give you the world’s beauty in your pocket.