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Kat Houe Maric


I was born and raised in Denmark and have lived in Brooklyn, New York since 2015 with my husband and three daughters. Before moving to New York, I worked in the Scandinavian fashion industry for more than 15 years, holding positions like Editor in Chief, Executive Editor and Fashion Director. As well as being a mother, I freelance as a writer, photographer and creative consultant for fashion and children’s clothing brands. Little Kin Journal is my personal journey on motherhood, a simple and thoughtful way of living and appreciating all the little things in our lives.

No matter where in the world you move to, after a while, living there will turn into everyday life. You and your family will find your own routines. You will walk the same streets, go to the same shops, pick up coffee at your favorite coffee bar and sit on the same bench in the park while your kids are playing at the same playground. And that I love. I have always been a big fan of everyday life, of my own little routines. But I also love being reminded of what an amazing city we live in...