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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s in a Pathport travel guide?

A typical Pathport travel guide is curated, written and photographed by an inspiring creative/visual story-teller that we have personally hand-picked because we love his/her vision. It includes a list of 14 to 20 selected places that’s very personal to its creator, along with beautiful photography and the answers to our three signature questions: why should people go there? what’s a must-have? when is the best time to go? At the beginning of each guide, in the summary (page 5), you’ll have a link to a google map so you can easily geolocate all the spots. We’ve also added a single google map link to each place of the guide for you to save it with the rest of your favorite spots.

Every guide is different, from a road trip to Portugal to Berlin’s coffee shops to architecture in Copenhagen… what we offer to you is an original point of view on a destination as opposed to a traditional guide that aims at covering everything.

  • When will I receive my guide?

All our travel guides are in digital format only. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page on our website, with the direct link(s) to download your guide(s). Don’t worry if you’ve left the page too soon! You’ll also receive two separate emails: one that confirms your purchase with your receipt, and another one with the link(s) to download your digital travel guide(s).

  • How do I save my travel guide?

Our designs are optimised for mobile, so use your phone to download the PDF (just click on the link that we’ve sent you), tap the share icon, and choose “Import with Books”. Note that the download link will expire in 24 hours, so make sure to download your purchase in that time frame.

  • I’ve lost my guide, how can I retrieve it?

Our download links expire after 24 hours, but we can always refresh them for you. Just write us at and we’ll take care of it.

  • I’d like to offer a guide to someone, how can I do?

We have gift cards available so you can offer store credit, their value goes from $7 to $70.