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Amsterdam for design lovers with Anja

laurence foucher


Heading to Amsterdam for the weekend and looking for beautifully designed places to visit? Follow the guide…

Who are you, Anja?

I’m originally from Slovenia but the last couple of years I live in the Netherlands. I currently live in Utrecht which is a city close to Amsterdam but I spent a lot of time in Amsterdam.

 What do you do for a living?

I work in finance- I am a treasury analyst which is not creative at all :)

Where do you find inspiration?

From the lovely people that I meet via Instagram, and from my travels where I get to see beautifully designed places and eat local food.

Is Amsterdam a good place for a design lover like me?

Amsterdam is the perfect place for design lovers. The design culture is everywhere, from beautiful boutique hotels to the beautiful restaurants and cafés, design stores and museums.

Where should I stay in the city?

Design lover should stay in Pulitzer, Andaz, Lloyd Hotel or Hoxton.

Who are your favorite designers?

It’s a tough call, but one of them is Jacu Strauss (he previously worked for Tom Dixon) who redesigned the historical Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam. The other is Marcel Wanders who designed beautiful Andaz hotel: it looks like an Alice in the Wonderland hotel and it is honestly one of the most unique places I know.

When’s the best time to visit Amsterdam?

Spring for the tulips and autumn for the colors.

If you could only follow 3 Instagrammers?

@aguynamedpatrick is one of the first people I started to follow on Instagram. I love his style and his travels- basically everything. I would follow him to the end of the world.  @brittanybathgate has a minimalistic and unique style. I love how she can stay consistent with the items she likes and I’d love to have her style. @maeandmany, I love her previously Amsterdam and now London snaps (with a bit of Italy). She has always been my inspiration. She is also one of the nicest insta girls I know.

Anja’s favorite design spots in Amsterdam.

Toki Amsterdam. A Japanese-inspired cafe. The showstopper is a Max Lamb designed Italian marble - cream with autumnal flecks. In addition to this, they serve amazing coffee and the best banana bread in Amsterdam. Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK Amsterdam.

The Duchess Amsterdam.  A hotel/ restaurant located in one of the best kept historic gems in Amsterdam, the former KAS bank. The superb restaurant designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg was recently awarded its first Michelin star. Spuistraat 172, 1012 VT Amsterdam.

Droog Design. A hotel, concept store, a cafe, and an apartment. Don’t miss the garden and library. Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam.

Hoxton Amsterdam. All the rooms have a high ceiling, a view of the beautiful canals and are beautifully decorated. The restaurant Lotti's in the hotel lobby serves the best truffle fries. Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam.

Sukha. A beautiful concept store where they sell everything from furniture to clothes and beautiful accessories for your home. The store has a relaxed vibe due to the white interior and fluffy fabrics. It feels like a little escape from the busy Amsterdam streets. Haarlemmerstraat 110, 1013 EW Amsterdam.

Hotel Pulitzer. A perfect combination of historic Dutch architecture and luxurious chic interior. The redecoration of the hotel is the work of Jacu Strauss. Prinsengracht 323, 1016 GZ Amsterdam.