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Best selling travel guides right now


Discover our top 5 best selling travel guides right now. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, or off the beaten path places, you can’t go wrong with these. Filled with beautiful photography and carefully curated by our collective of pathfinders, be ready for some serious wanderlust.


“The best way to travel is to let your curiosity be your guide, and that’s exactly what I did when I moved to Japan. With its amazing transportation system that can take you across and around the country in no time, covering Japan’s famous places isn’t a difficult task. I spent my first year doing it and the next one left me wondering, “Is there something more?” The truth is, there’s still a lot out there still hidden and waiting to be found. The more places I go, the more overwhelming beauty I encounter that makes it difficult for me to sum up Japan in just one word. It’s such a rich, diverse, mysterious country full of paradox and facets, and I don’t know how many more years will be enough for me to see them all. These places are the ones you won’t find in a usual travel guide — the beauty that awaits is unusual, and in order to reveal it you only need to do one thing: to be willing to go down the road less traveled. So the question is, will you?”


“The first time I visited Mexico City I fell in love with its culture, food and people. The second and the third time, I enjoyed going back to my favorite restaurants and streets and it reminded me how lucky I am to share my travel memories with people from around the world. By the fourth time, I almost felt like a local and just strolled around Roma Norte and Polanco to find new cool spots to try and enjoy. There are still so many places in Mexico City that I haven’t visited yet (Casa Gilardi and Pujol are an example)... but I hope you’ll love the places that I share in this guide as much as I do.”


The Danes are among the happiest people in the world... Living with my Dutch family in Copenhagen for more than five years now, I can totally confirm that they have every reason to be happy. In this guide I’m sharing my happy places in this beautiful city. If you’re lucky enough to visit Copenhagen I hope that they will make you smile...”


If you’re thinking about doing a road trip in Portugal, this is the perfect itinerary. It combines visits to the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra with a few stops along the coastline for a bit of beach life, and an inland drive to the Alentejo region among whitewashed villages, cork oaks, vineyards and olive trees — not forgetting cultural treasures such as Evora and Marvao. Our trip lasted two weeks, which was perfect in order not to be driving all the time, but still hitting the road regularly. If you don’t have that much time I would say it’s doable in ten days. Anything beyond two weeks? Lucky you! More time for eating pastel de nata.”


When creating this guide I sat down with a blank piece of paper and tried to visualise in my mind places and areas of London that I truly adore and regularly return to visit. My London consists of streets, shops, restaurants and areas of the city that excite me – whether because they celebrate independent shop owners and handcrafted wears or for the beautiful architecture and nature in abundance.”