20 things about Elżbieta Dyduch, author of “Cambridge Little Gems”.

You may already know Elżbieta (aka Ellie) from her beautiful Instagram or because you purchased her perfect guide to “Cambridge Little Gems”. But what do you know exactly? She shares 20 things about her that might make you love her even more.



Writing all this wasn’t easy…
I don’t talk much about myself on Instagram, for various reasons I’ll explain when the day comes.
1. My parents named me Elżbieta (Elizabeth) after Queen Elizabeth I.
2. I bring home a map from every trip.
3. I had carbon monoxide poisoning when was about 12 years old.
4. Cambridge is my 5th home. I’ve been living abroad in different countries for over 10 years now. Wanderlust.
5. Extroverted introvert, INTJ.
6. Learning languages comes very easily to me. I’ve studied about 10 so far, I’m able to read and understand many, however I’m not that genius – I speak only two.
7. I was going to get married when I was 20, but I gave up on that idea and ran away.
8. I’ve been studying astrology since I was 14 and it has helped understand myself and others immensely. The sky fascinates me. I’m also a double Aquarius.
9. I’ve got one tattoo only. I did it 2 days after I had turned 18. Only a handful of people knows its real meaning.
10. I’ve got a severe allergy to dogs and their smell makes me sick and triggers an asthma attack.
11. A day without a coffee is totally wasted. Totally. I mean it.
12. I’m a huge fan of the Japanese cuisine and in love with the world of sake.
13. I had a stress-related gluten intolerance before and was on a gluten free diet for over a year.
14. I hate coriander. It’s just disgusting. Bring me some coconut instead!
15. I’ve got a BIG beard fetish. Mrrrr…
16. I’m 99% pescatarian and do my best to eat as organically as possible.
17. I love being by a sea/ocean, it relaxes me; however I’m not a fan of being in water.
18. I’ve been told a million times I stare at people with my apparently expressive eyes. It always cracks me up, I never get it.
19. I don’t have a driving license.
20. I enjoy ironing. Men’s shirts in particular.

Ellie’s guide “Cambridge Little Gems” is available here.